Your guide to Graduation Photography

You’ve done the hard yards. You’ve pulled goodness knows how many all-nighters to hand in your work...

You’ve met some fantastic people, learned things you never imagined, and soon, you will walk onto a big stage and be handed a scroll that will change your life. Congratulations.

So, how are you going to seize  this day and ensure that moments are captured correctly?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Are family and Friends coming? Check your ceremony time and date and allow plenty of time to find both venue and parking (Wellington streets get congested during grad!)
  • Order your gown & cap early (check out this link)
  •  If you are going to the Parade, pack a pair of flat shoes (ladies) if you’re not used to heels- it’s a long walk!


Sure, you can take your phone for those Instagram shots, but for the serious stuff you’ll want to book your Graduation Photography Portrait session early.

Here are your options:

1.      During the Ceremony: The Woolf Photography Team is there to capture you as you walk onto the stage (shaking hands, getting your degree) and as you walk off. These are the action shots, as it were, and are  available to view and to purchase straight off our website (they’ll will be online for up to three months)

Remember: You will be walking across the stage from right to left. The photographer will capture your left profile only at that stage, so if your hair is long and you are wearing it down, try flicking it to your right shoulder so we can get a good look at you!


2.       If you want something a little more formal:  The Woolf Team also offers a “lighting Set-up” package on the day, outside in the Foyer, before or after the ceremony. Here’s how it works:

                                                    i.     You (and your friends/parents) stand against a background at the venue and smile! 

                                                   ii.     We adjust your gown, make sure we can see your colours clearly,

                                                  iii.     Our team will choose the best image,

                                                  iv.     We print it, you collect it (we mail too!).


3.      If you want the works, your best bet is to book a GRADUATION STUDIO PORTRAIT:

This session takes place either in our Wellington City Studio or off-site, within walking distance of the CBD. Here’s how it works:

                                                    i.     Come alone or in a group, and experience being photographed by a Professional  Photographer in all your Graduation Glory.

                                                   ii.     Our 30 minute sessions allow plenty of time for a variety of solo poses, with and without your gown, and if you want to get mum & dad or the whole Whanau in the shots, they are absolutely welcome to join in! 

                                                  iii.     Early bookings essential so you are not disappointed. See below.


What else do you need to know?

  • Come on time or let us know if you’re running late: Studio Sessions often run back-to-back!
  • Book now or call us (04 917 68 61) if you need to re-schedule .
  •  We have a powder room in the Studio- you can adjust hair/makeup and wardrobe while you wait.
  • Our Gallery has room for prams, and there is disabled access via the Cable Car Lane entrance.
  • Our team will adjust caps and gowns; advise you on poses, hair, etc… you are in good hands!
  • Nervous? Don’t be! This is a fantastic opportunity to record the moment properly.
  • Turn your efforts into a lasting memory by considering our standard or custom-framing options- It takes your image to another level!
  • Digital file options are available, of course.

What are you waiting for?

Good luck Grads, and well done! See you in our Wellington City Studio soon!


The Team at Woolf Photography