Terre & Mike

“He’s my Rock”, she said...

This year, Woolf Photography teamed up with Foxglove Bar & Grill and Scent Floral Boutique, two iconic Wellington Business, to spread some love on Valentine’s Day.

To win our #WoolfLovesFoxtail competition, participants simply had to tell us why they deserved to win. We wanted to read a story that would move us deeply... You see, love is universal, but everyone’s story is unique. So  we were privileged to participate, for one night, in Terre and Mike’s story.

These two met only a few years ago, over the Internet, and are both in their late 50’s. Mike is retired and spends his days looking after Terre who still works, even though she has been diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer.

Here is what Terre had to say:

"Mike Nicholson deserves to win this (with me!) because of the incredible support he gives me. I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer three years ago. Stage IV has no cure; the best you hope for is "no progression with good quality of life". The average time from diagnosis to death is 26 months. I'm lucky - I'm stable with no progression. But it's a hard disease to have - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Mike keeps things running and ticking along at home, lets me do tons of cat rescue while ignoring the housework I should be doing, and reminds me not to believe the statistics. He's my rock and puts up with my mood swings, hot flashes and days when I can barely walk (all side effects). He doesn't complain when I'm gone for weeks at a time for work. He puts my needs before his own. And he's an amazing cat daddy! :) Your consideration is greatly appreciated!"

 We were moved, and inspired by their love and their courage.

Our winning Couple were met by Simon Woolf at 6:30 pm for their Photo-shoot upstairs at Foxtail Bar and treated to lovely Cocktails. Scent Floral Boutique provided a stunning bouquet, and our friends at Foxglove took care of the meal, straight out of their romantic Valentine’s Day Menu... 

The mains and the flowers were divine. Great service, food, and cocktails!

Simon had a fabulous time on the photo shoot, as you can see by these lovely images: He captured the love between them and the laughter in their eyes. The setting at Foxtail Bar was beautiful, as were the flowers.

So we hope you were inspired by Terre and Mike’s story, which they so generously shared with us.

Join us in wishing them all the best for their future together.

The evening was just amazing, amazing, amazing. We had so much fun with Simon... Truly a special, magical, once in a lifetime event and evening for us. We will never be able to repay you for the kindness and for such a fabulous evening and prize!