Woolf Photography: the shifting landscape

Change is coming, we're moving forward

As you know, Woolf Photography has been in business for over 80 years, and to stay around this long, has meant that we’ve had to be agile. Nothing’s changed, as we identify our new opportunities. Hear what Simon Woolf has to say:

What we are now is Tech Savvy, whilst still remaining personal: Our primary aim is still to deliver YOU with the best possible photographic experience and products. Our reputation has been built on this!

 So, what’s  new?

 Personal and uncompromising

Simon Woolf and his team continue to work tirelessly to deliver beautiful, timeless and on-brand photography.

The quality of your experience with us is also at the heart of everything we do.  Woolf photography is fast becoming an agile business.

What does this mean?

In a nutshell: The Woolf Team will be more mobile than ever. Not based out of a single Studio, the team will come to you, and deliver photography to your spec, on your terms.
— Simon Woolf

Tech-Savvy and quality service
We are working hard to make it easier than ever to order your images, purchase your files or prints, make appointments and view your images. Quality of service is our mantra, and this new and improved model will allow us to deliver just that.

 But to make an omelette, we’ve had to crack some eggs…

As the “keepers” of Wellington’s photographic history, we have prided ourselves in storing images for our customers over the generations.

However,  the time has now come for us to ask that our clients contact us to purchase and retrieve their image files and negatives, as, moving to the next phase of our business, we will be moving our un-claimed material to an offsite storage archive.

Contact us or call Kaye on (04) 917 6861 to find out more.

A fresh start requires light baggage…

So, in the spirit of mobility, Woolf Photography is having a rather large spring clean! Photography equipment, framed artworks, prints and books are all up for sale- if you’re interested, come into our Gallery and take advantage of some fabulous savings (up to 50% in some cases!), until 30 August 2016.

So, where do we go from here? Stay tuned for our next installment, coming soon…