In 1984 Ron Woolf photographed Cathy and Rubens Wedding, and in 2019 Simon Woolf photographed Cathy and Ruben’s son, also Ruben, and his wife Laura’s Wedding. Between 1984 and 2019 a lot has happened in the world of Wedding Photography. What hasn’t changed is that Woolf Photography are still leading the way with both Traditional and Contemporary Wedding Photography.

Laura and Ruben were married at Aston Norwood Gardens at the foot of The Rimutaka Hill. It was a stunning occasion which had family fun warmth and spontaneity. Our wedding party were totally in sync, and out to have a great time, which was achieved with ease.

It was great to see Kathy and Amanda, from Hair There and Everywhere, who did lovely job (as always) with Laura’s Hair and Make up, while Belinda and Veronica and the team at Aston Norwood Gardens absolutely nailed the Ceremony and Reception big time.


It’s Always Wedding Time!

See why in our Blog below!

At Woolf Photography we are experienced with weddings all year around! Summer, Autumn , Winter or Spring, we have been there. Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, snowing, torrential, or even windy, we have the experience to deal with most situations, and have the ability to apply different styles and techniques on the occasion. We are confident can still nail great Wedding Photography in most conditions and in any season!

Woolf Photography maybe a 4th Generation Photography Studio, however nothing beats experience. We love our Weddings. There are few, if any studios, in New Zealand who have had more success with their Wedding Photography. It’s not just about the awards and accolades ( and we have won more than most there too!) It is about delivering great results come what may!

There is continued professional development, where we are continually up skilling, applying new techniques and adding new products and services for our wedding couples. We are continually sharing our knowledge, and in turn gaining additional education with other professional photographers here in New Zealand and Internationally. Timelapse , Realtime Wedding Photography and Cinema Video are new features we are able to offer.

Teamwork is an advantage we have with with all our image making. " There is no "I" in Team" and we subscribe to that adage in all ways.

Creativity, simplicity ( we don't wish our photos to date!) fun and wavelength are key components in any great wedding. Wavelength is hugely important, as it is how we all get on with each other before, during, and after the Big Day! Preparation is vitally important to any wedding we are involved with. Enjoyment, spontaneity and a seamless streamlined day is an essential ingredient in any great wedding.

Over the years we have photographed weddings in most parts of New Zealand, in Australia The Pacific, and even Hong Kong and Europe. Preparation and experience is key!

Whether it is a large wedding, a boutique wedding, a same sex wedding, or a completely different wedding we rise to the occasion, and offer an awesome array of services, advice and expertise.

We specialise in Coffee Table Book, Album, Audio Visual, Photography Enlargement Production. A lot of what we achieve is "in house' too. In this generation of digital photography, cloud storage the internet and social media, it is so important to print and publish at least some of the key wedding imagery that is taken on your Big Day is "Hard Copy. Whether its and stunning Album, a beautiful Coffee Table Book, or a stylish Framed Collage, or Single Image Canvas/ Acrylic, its important your wedding legacy is preserved for future generations.

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Aletia and Richard's Wedding.

What a day it was when Aletia and Richard were married at Paper Road Vineyard in The Wairarapa.

This was an occasion where Family and Friends, could relax, have fun and celebrate a Aletia and Ricahrd's Big Day.

Richard, having a lovingly restoring an old Diesel Locomotive, was able to use it to carry the wedding guest to and from what was a stunning location. The whole day was seamless, and totally enjoyable, with the weather certainly assisting things. Bianca and I were quite a team in capturing a superb array of photos to record the day.

Simon Woolf

Ruby and Zane came back to Wellington from Sydney to get married. While they had the perfect wedding, the weather did not behave at all!  It did not really matter, as Family Friends, and Fun were the order of the day.  As the group dodged rain showers, and wind changes,  some gorgeous photos were nailed. Simon and the wedding party arrived at The Lady Norwood Rose Gardens in good time, and on a adrenalin high, to enjoy a superb reception.  It was one of those days which was totally streamlined and spontaneous, and where everyone involved had just the best time.

" I was totally rapt to be able to capture such a wonderful array of great moments. Ruby and Zane, and their entire wedding party were totally in sync, and while we did have weather challenges, that was a big part of the fun that we had on the day."  

Simon Woolf