Meet the Team: Doug Mountain, 20 Years

Celebrating a milestone:

This week marks Doug's 20th anniversary at Woolf Photography, which, you will agree, is good innings for anyone in any profession these days!

If you've read his bio, you will know that he is an award-winning photographer,  originally from the USA, that he started at Woolf Photography as a Framer, and is now a Senior Photographer. Doug manages our team of photographers and makes sure everyone consistently produces excellent work.

So we wanted to honour this man of many talents (did we mention that he started off as a glazier in his hometown of Denver?)  and his contribution to Woolf Photography by sharing a couple of anecdotes but especially some of his best loved and thought-provoking work:

Doug's musings:

- "Parenthood gave me patience..."

- "Early on Simon asked me to go with him to photograph the All Blacks, not for my photographic skills, but because I was the only one tall enough to hand him the camera while he was on the ladder.  And I still managed to knock one of the cameras off the chair and break the flash.  Now that I think about it, it was a long time before asked me to help out on a job again." 

- "Working for Woolf Photography in the variety of roles I've had has given me a a breadth of experiences that no other job would have. If I'd stayed in Colorado I might have photographed the Mayor of Denver, but here I have photographed Royalty, Heads of State, Sports celebrities, High Court Judges..." Nice.

- "There's never a dull moment at Woolf..." True.

- "It's all about the light: Yes I have photographed chairs and buildings and architecture, but it's because the light was perfect. The subject matter happened to be there" (or something like that!)

- Been here so long I'm part of the furniture and sometimes receive documentation under the name of Doug Woolf...(really.)

- Mountain Dew - caffeine of choice... (and the odd Wellington craft beverage)

What we say about Doug:

-"Jack of all trades"

-"Mr Grad", "Mr Marsden Ball", "Mr Investiture", "Mr Go-To" when things go wrong...

- He is our Super Supervisor, he is our ladder (so tall!), our digital dude & Technical expert.

- Let him loose with a camera, and surprising and creative things happen!

What his team says:

"Doug has shared with me a lot of his digital knowledge over the past 10 years which has been extremely valuable. If I ever have a technique in photoshop or something technical that I want to work out how to do I always know that Doug loves the challenge of helping us figure out how to achieve this. He is always trying to make processes in the workroom more efficient and  can be pretty funny to boot!  

We work hard in the workroom but we also have a joke and  give him a lot for being American.

He is surrounded by women and does a pretty good job of putting up with us all. (we think it makes him a well-rounded individual!)."

20 Years at Woolf Photography!

So thanks Doug, from the Team at Woolf. Where would we be without you?