Have a look at this 5 minute video on Wellington. Woolf Photography put this AV together to show some of the great parts of our city and it’s environment.

January 23rd 2019. At Woolf Photography we meet some truly inspirational people through our Photography and Videography. Dr Paul Wood is one such person. He is a person who has turned adversity into motivating and inspiring people. Today while collaborating on a Profile Portfolio Session with Paul we nailed a whole array of studio and location photographs which will help Paul with his branding, and especially via his website and social media. Have a look at Paul’s website. What he has achieved, and how he has turned his life around is nothing short of being remarkable . Today I learned so much, and you will get a glimpse why when viewing the video above. Paul’s current Website is : http://www.whatsyourprison.com/

Oh, and don’t forget we specialise in Profile Portfolios which are in context, creative and of quality. We also can produce Video, Time-lapse, Drone and 360 Degree Photography. Please ring Grace for details. on (04) 9176861.

Lucy is a Comic Comedian, who came into the studio looking for some portfolio shots which were a combination of straightforward and different. We nailed both, and had some fun in the process. Having her little friend Molly involved sure helped the different bit too. You wouldn’t expect less when dealing with a Comic!