A beautiful family returns...

...for their second Bump-to-Baby Shoot!

Marina, Edouard and Luna recently returned to our Woolf Photography studio:

This family loved their photographs so much from their first Bump to Baby experience (featuring wee Luna, now 3yrs old!) they decided to return for their next baby. 

They first came into our central Wellington Photography Studio for pregnancy shots  when Marina was 32 weeks pregnant. They then returned when Luna was only 6 days old- this was the very first time Wellington Portrait photographer Jess Dewsnap met Luna for photographs. She is now such a big girl-  gosh, how time flies! We've loved seeing how much Luna has grown through each photo shoot. Luna is such a beautiful wee bubbly girl and is very excited about the new arrival.

This time Marina was 33 weeks pregnant  with baby number 2.  She and Edouard  felt that they needed to recreate the experience and capture these precious moments because time flies. 

The first year of a child's life creates the most changes:  their faces and shapes (and hair & eye colour!) all change so quickly: their first tooth will give them a new smile and that first curl needs to be remembered for ever.  Otherwise, before you know it, the moment is gone, and it all becomes a distant memory! 


So thanks to this lovely family for coming back to visit us. Jess and the Team are really looking forward to meeting their new baby (it can't be far away now!)

Remember, Christmas is only a couple of months away. Photos of your children make fabulous Gifts for the whole family (especially grandparents who live overseas, like Marina's family!), so call us today to book a Family Portrait Shoot, or take a look at our Packages & Gifts page for ideas and inspiration.