Amazing Photography Workshops: Simon Woolf

Once again, I wanted to ask our participants to share their experiences directly about what makes these photography workshops with Simon Woolf so amazing. Read on...

[...] you learn that Simon ‘gets the shot’, and if you stick close you can create some great images too!
— Paul Rondel

This time, we asked Paul Rondel, another avid photographer, to tell us what makes him come back time and time again to these workshops. As you can see, he has very generously shared some of the amazing images he has taken over the many workshops he has attended. We hope these will inspire you!

Woolf:  "How many workshops with Simon Woolf have you attended and where have these taken place?"

Paul Rondel: "I think I've attended eleven of Simon's workshops in the last few years, in Wellington, Auckland, and the Marlborough Sounds:

  • Live the Passion (Auckland)
  • Bay of Many Coves  (2013-2015), Marlborough Sounds
  • Ohariu Valley, Wellington
  • Zealandia, Wellington
  • Nature Workshop, Wellington
  • Wellington Wanderings (twice!)"

W: " What made you attend these workshops? (Tell us what you have derived from them, what you were looking to achieve, whether they lived up to your expectations and what the overall experience was like.)

PR: "It began with a 2-day workshop Simon was holding in Auckland, with a number of excellent guest photographers. Not only was it interesting, and educational, it was inspiring and fun. And this turned out to be a theme with Simon's workshops: even with repeat visits, a trip out with Simon is full of variety and new experiences. What's more, you learn that Simon 'gets the shot', and if you stick close you can create some great images too!

W: "How would you best describe your experience?"

PR: "I take photographs because I enjoy the way it feels to look at the world 'through the lens'; to see and feel the world around you and be enriched by it. This feeling is amplified by the camaraderie on Simon's workshops, and by the passion with which he leads them."

Thanks, Paul, for taking the time to share your experience and amazing photographs with us- we hope our readers will be inspired to join Simon's next workshops. For more dates and information, keep an eye out on our "What's On" page- you won't be disappointed!